Getting rid of rust?

I bought my first letterpress and now I am in the process of getting it all cleaned up (although it is in great shape and doesnt need much).

What are the best things/ products to use to clean/restore a press - in terms of rust and grease/build up?

It has been disassembled to be moved so I think it is a great chance to really get in there and get it cleaned up nicely.

Thanks for your help!

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As far as getting rid of rust goes, Electrolytic Rust removal is a great process for getting rid of rust. It takes a bit to set up, but doesn’t require any elbow grease.

This website explains how it works and what you need to do it:
You can check out this video to see it working,

Also, I have been restoring my own letterpress recently. I had to use a sandblaster to strip and clean all the parts of my press since the whole thing was covered in spray paint, dirt and, grease.

I have been posting about my restoration on my blog. If you are interested in what I’ve been doing, I am listing a few links to my blog below:
Taking the press apart:
Sandblasting, priming, painting:
Watching paint dry:
Painted lettering:
Reassembling the platen:
Cutting & Fitting New Dowel Pins:
(more posts are forthcoming)

Mineral oil and steel wool/scotch pad for grease removal. Simple green for light cleanup. Evaporust for rust removal. Wd-40 a very light coat to prevent rusting on cleaned surfaces.

I don’t like to use industrial strength cleaners because many damage painted surfaces. I also don’t like rust removers where you have to rinse with water after. Se strong rust removers also remove paint. Evaporust works great! You can pick it up at pepboys.