Help Needed

Hi everyone! I have recently come across a few things that I have no idea what to do with. My father was a lithographer from the 1920’s until late 1970’s. He had a friend by the name of H. Detlev Voss. Mr. Voss had his own private press by the name of Paroquet Press. In my fathers belongings are approximately 17 hand made New Years cards made by Mr. Voss and Paroquet Press, these are very unique and strange cards. I have also a book by Paroquet Press called Goethe/Novelle a limited edition book. Anyway, I have no idea how to sell this tiny collection and would really appreciate it if anyone would be able to point me in the proper direction. Thank you for your help. Please e-mail me at anytime at [email protected]. Thank-you.

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