Need 5 x 7 Lettra or equiv

I need white 5 x 7 cards to print invitations or parent sheets. I’ve used Lettra but not at this size for which I need envelopes as well. Any recommendations for paper sources for Lettra or equivalent? Thanks.

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I got 5x7 Lettra from Keldon Paper. They had the best price on the paper from what I could see. I bought 8.5x11 sheets from them and had them cut it for me. The cutting charge was $25. I am very pleased with the product. Give them a call; they were doing some changes to the website and it was easier to order over the phone. Very friendly customer service rep.

Good luck!

Thanks so much. Neil can cut to size for you as well. Starting next month, the 5x7 cards will be stocked items so there won’t be a wait or cutting charges. Shipping from east and west coasts.

Happy holidays