100+ lbs of borders!!

I have 100+ lbs of borders, they are mostly a foot long (some have been cut shorter) I acquired a TON of random type, spacing, etc along with my 5x8. There are many different designs…straight lines, double lines, dotted, squiggly etc. They are all Print High. I don’t really need these,…curious as to the value and if anyone would be interested in general if I tried to sell them?

image: Photo on 1-10-12 at 10.26 PM.jpg

Photo on 1-10-12 at 10.26 PM.jpg

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I’m looking for borders (in good shape). Where are you located?



They are in pretty good shape. I’m in Chicago!

Well I’m not in Chicago, but I’m interested.
I’d like to know what kind of borders you have. How ornate? Is each box filled with the same border? Would you take close up photos? etc.

Scrap price is $.90/lb this week, so don’t sell for any less. Beyond that, I think you can pick your price, and wait for takers.

Thanks for the sound advice. I can take more pics tomorrow and post them. I would rather give them to someone who could use them for their art at a cheaper price than scrapping it. I really think its close to 300 lbs.

To boundstaffpress: Pray tell us where might you be getting 90c/lb. for printers lead this week?

I just googled scrap price for lead. I was thinking in terms of investment. If I had 300 lbs of type or border that would only bring $100, I would likely scrap it or use it to print instead of sell for $100.

my $.02 :)

Bear in mind that these are Linotype or Intertype borders and you will need to cut them to the proper lengths for your use. Also bear in mind that these should be miter-cut so that they join togther at a 45-degree angle.Otherwise they pretty much look like crap at the corners.

One way to get around that is to use a compatable square ornament in each corner where the straight edge on the border piece can butt up against them.

You will also probably be dissapointed if you try to cut the lengths with a slug cutter. Your ends will not be crisp. Most people use a printers’ saw or a Rouse verticle miterer to cut such corners.

That’s my 2-cents worth.