L.F. Grammes and Sons?

Hello all,

I am just looking for some general knowledge on a company I can’t seem to find a lot of information about. The company is L.F. Grammes and Sons and they were based out of Allentown PA. I acquired this amazing 19 inch paper cutter a while ago and that’s the company than manufactured it. I don’t know why I just like to know the history behind all of this awesome equipment, but I am having trouble finding much about this one. I know this isn’t of huge importance but if anyone happens to know anything or a link to a site with information please feel free to share. It would be much appreciated!

image: IMG_1438a.jpg


image: IMG_1441a.jpg


image: IMG_1442a.jpg


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Neat little cutter, perhaps 14 inches?

National Cigar Museum Website Lists the following:…


“1875 L.F. Grammes & Sons, manufacturers of cigar box machinery, established in Allentown, PA. Fifty years later is maker of metal novelty boxes with inside mirrors. Brass and other boxes.”


Thanks so much for the information. It’s nice to at least know where the company started and why, so far that’s the best info I have found so I appreciate your fast response. The pictures actually make this thing look a lot smaller than it really is. It cuts pretty comfortably at around 20 inches. It’s a great table top cutter but it still weighs a little over 200 pounds, so it’s small and mighty to say the least. Thanks again!