Looking for a press

my name is Matt. I live in Poland and i’m looking for my first press (boston type or semi-automatic platen press) somewhere in Europe. it’d be great if it’d be in good shape…

If you can help me somehow please give ma sign!

best regards,

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Don’t know how steep the shipping /logistics would be, but this is a good opportunity in the UK:


…ends tomorrow.

looks nice…
unfortunetly it’s pick up only…
it will be hard to arrange collection before listing ends…


With respect, re-think the Titan. You are in Poland. You can get to the UK—yes, it’s a haul, but you can do it. Waiting for a press that’s in great shape to show up within 500km is not likely, unfortunately. I tell my customers this frequently—the time to buy a press when there aren’t many available is when you see them. Renting a truck and arranging for later pick up is an option and my humble opinion is that it’s worth an email to the seller over eBay to see what they are willing to do. I offer you this only in an attempt to help you get letterpress rocking in Poland—and on this press (so far) the price and general location are right.

Hope that helps!

yes, i know… i’m writing an email to the seller at the moment…! will see what gonna happen…!!!

thanks again for your help…!

Go, Matt, go!!

Good luck, Matt—I hope the next note I receive from you is letterpress printed…in Poland!

Matt, try to find something on the Continent, rather than in the UK, as you will be able to get your supplies in Germany, Switzerland, the Netherlands and probably also Poland.
A very nice press - completely restored - is for sale in Germany, her is the link: http://bleisatzmagazin-rheinland.de/index.php/agb

Another good address in Germany: http://www.bleisatzkontor.de



right now they have a Korrex Stuttgart press fos sale:


You should also check out the site of Drukwerk in de marge in the Netherlands, plenty of stuff coming up every day of the week at most reasonable prices.


image: press drucken und lernen

press drucken und lernen

image: press bleisatzmagazin rheinland

press bleisatzmagazin rheinland

Thanks Thomas!!!

hi, i’m new at this and i’m looking for 5x8 Adana letterpress. I’m located in Indonesia. Can anyone tell me who’s selling their press?
or where can i find this letterpress in Singapore?