Economical Envelopes by 1,000’s

Do you have recommendations for a good supplier of A2 or A6 envelopes that are reasonably priced when ordered by the thousands? I’m hoping to find colored ones, if possible three or four nice colors.

I’m looking for something to go with 110# cover greeting cards. I haven’t chosen that paper yet, and I don’t mind if the envelopes match the paper.

I’m considering French paper envelopes, which are about 10 cents each in boxes of 500. I’d like to find something with a little more texture though, in the same price range or less.

Many thanks!

Also, please see my terribly long “6000 cards in 12 weeks on a Vandercook” post if you have any experience in printing large quantities of greeting cards. I’d love your expertise!

(I’m going to start several threads today because I’ve got several questions that are different topics. I’ve spent a lot of time on the message boards, and have found some incredibly helpful information. My apologies if something’s already been covered… I either didn’t find it, or in the case prices, etc. it wasn’t current enough for my needs.)

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I forgot to mention that 5.5 Baronial or 6 Baronial envelopes are also good.

Take a look online at APEC envelopes.