Letterpress artists in Seattle?

Hi Briarpress,

I just relocated to the Seattle area (Ballard) and am looking to connect with some local Letterpress enthusiasts such as myself. Feel free to email me through here and I will get it. Thanks!

Emily Cummings
scribblesketchpress@ gmail.com

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Hi Emily-

I just connected with another letterpress printer here in the Ballard/Phinney area because we are both looking for a space to relocate our presses.
Do you have any interest in joining in this endeavor? You may already be set up, but if you know anyone looking to share studio space let me know.
[email protected]

Try the School of Visual Concepts as they run letterpress courses (www.svcseattle.com). Also Carl Montford, although primarily a wood engraver, is a fount of knowledge and contacts. He is a member of Briar Press and might possibly remember me.

Peter Wilson

Peggy- I have space for my studio in my home, but I would love to visit your shared space once you get set up! I’ll shoot you an email.

Cool, thanks for the contact Peter!


I work for Lynda Sherman of Bremelo Press in Seattle, Rainier and Jackson. In the process of buying my own printing press and starting my own company, LeadBone Press. I would love to be in contact with as many printers as possible; this community is small, but we are mighty.

Hello Emily,

My good friend Bonnie Thompson Norman is a great printer and would be a good person for you to contact. Her home and studio is in Seattle.


Pat; Thanks so much! I sent Bonnie an email. The contact info is much appreciated.

HI! I am out in Duvall about 45 Minutes from Downtown Seattle. Kissing-Bug Press. I would love to be in the loop!

The community is way bigger than you think it is! SVC hosts a yearly wayzgoose, so does Tacoma and Portland. We have a book arts guild in seattle, and for the greater puget sound and on Bainbridge — all of these places are great for finding other printers. There are also classes at Pratt and Cornish, and one of the best book arts collections in the country at University of Washington Special Collections. Welcome!