Boxcar Plates?

Hello. I am planning to purchase a letterpress soon, and I will be using plates from Boxcar. Oh, and I will be purchasing a base too. I am just a little confused on how this works, do I have to format my images a special way?

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This is a whole can of worms, and there is plenty to know.

But yes. I’d say the best way to have your images prepared for them is a vector file (Adobe Illustrator, PDF) created at the actual size that you want your final print to be.

Megahurt is correct! You should educate, educate, educate:)
Boxcar is very helpful, but they have so much info you should read before hand:
Where are you located? Maybe someone in your area can spend sometime with you + teach you what work flow works for them, just a thought. Good Luck + happy printing.

I’m in the process of prepping my designs for platemaking, but i’m having a bit of trouble!

I am using adobe illustrator cs5, and i’m no pro at it.

Do you size the image to the size you want the plate to be? If so, how do you do that on illustrator? I plan on bundling all of my images onto one sheet, so I’m trying to figure that out too….

Hope it made sense! Thanks!

Images need to be in the size you need to print them, type should be outlined, if you use a steel backed plate, ample room has to be given between ganged jobs for straight line cutting (1 inch gab is fine).

Read carefully what they require -if Tiff, or PDF.