Vandercook Letterpress SP-25 (Power)

Vandercook Letterpress Model SP-25 (Power) in refurbished condition for sale. $14,500 or best offer. I bought this letterpress around September 2011 from a reputable dealer in Ohio who refurbishes these machines, and it turns out I may not be able to use it for a couple years. So instead of it just sitting in a storage facility, I thought I’d offer it to the public. These are some of the specs. for this particular model:
Max Sheet: 24 1/2” X 28”
Max Form: 24” X 26”
Floor Space 3’ 10” X 8’
Weight: Around 1700-1750 lbs.
There’s a couple things you should know before you inquire. One, I’ve never had a chance to run it. So while I trust the dealer when he told me that it was in tip-top running condition (new rollers, etc.) I, myself, never got the chance to see. Two, this machine runs on 220/440 3 phase electricity. It does come with a phase converter which will allow you to run it off 220 single phase (standard drying machine current). You may want to have an electrician check it out before you start running this machine. Just a suggestion. Three, you’re buying this machine As Is. There will be no refunds once everything goes through. Four, the buyer is solely responsible for pick-up and delivery. And five, I’d prefer cash, but will accept check or money orders as long as they clear the bank prior to pick-up and delivery of this letterpress. This looks to be a very wonderful machine, and I’m upset that I won’t be able to use it to print my woodcuts. Check out the photos, and I will be happy to share any information I can about this Vandercook letterpress. Call any time (612-209-4599) and ask for Jason. Thanks for looking!

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