Can you help me with some important information?? :)

Hi there! I’m new at this and I would like to start a letterpress bussines in my country (specialyzing in weddings invitations, etc.) I live in the Caribben and I don’t know anybody who can help me with critical information about what type of press to buy,etc. I’ve been reading a lot, and I think the Heidelberg Windmill will be a great option (for all the things it does). But I’m afraid because I don’t want to buy a press not knowing anything. What model should I look for? Where I can find a trusted dealer? Can I find a dealer in Florida? Can the Windmill work well with the design in computers? Where can I buy a photopolymer plates machine?…Is that cheaper way to use a computer design with a windmill?…Sorry for the newspaper… thanks in advanced for any help!! :)

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…so many questions in such a small amount if text. I’m guessing most of the experienced people aren’t willing to reply to such topic, mainly because your a bit to new.

Everyone on here will tell you start small and work into a larger press. Heidelberg Platen presses are nice, but as with anything, the value of the machine is derived from the condition. There are only a two sizes of the windmill, and basically two different models with nominal
differences, Black ball and Red ball.

There are a few trusted dealers out there who refurb machines, and resell. I found my windmill here in Florida from a man that buys and sells them, additionally, offers basic installation and basic training. He isn’t not a factory rep dealer, just a believer. Demiers (spelling?) sell printing equipment, and they are located in Florida.

Like almost everything in life, knowing what your doing is the foundation of quality. The press will run photopolymer plates just fine and dandy, but that takes an understanding of fundamental press operations.

Some reasons people on here love the windmill is the auto-feed feature, the high rate of impressions, the strength of the impressions, and precise reoccuring registration. These qualities make it easier to profit but wouldn’t determine the economics of your business…

Unless your producing a lot of PP plates and have tons of work, processing is inexpensive enough to have somebody else economically and affordably make your plates, without the expensive burden.

I’d keep reading and doing research. Try to visit a printer and keep working to develop your business plan. You idea is good, you just need a better understanding of the entire picture. Good Luck

Wao, thank you very much for all teh details! :)
I’ll do that ASAP.