Kelsey 3x5 - How much is it worth?

I’m new to letterpress, and I’m looking to get my feet wet. I found a Craigslist ad for a Kelsey 3x5 for $900, which, according to other discussions on this site, seems to be very high. How much do you think the press in this Craigslist ad is worth?

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I don’t usually comment on questions of this nature but that price is absurd. I’ve given away 3 X 5 Kelseys in the past and if I had one today I’d still be tempted to give it someone who really wants to use it. I’m restoring a 5 X 8 Craftsmen and when I’m done, including new rubber rollers, I’m not going to ask that much.

I would agree that $900 is too high, but a 3 x 5 Kelsey can do quality work within its limits - which is considerably less than larger presses. Depends what the seller claims it can do and what the printer wants to do. It was my first press and I’m thinking of selling it, ….but am reluctant to let it go.

I would have to agree with the other two comments. I think a 3x5 would be a great starter press because it’s small and easy to manage and it would probably make learning the art of letterpress very simple for someone just starting out but I would hate to see someone spend $900.00 on a press that size because I have a feeling that if you really get into the craft you will probably want something bigger like a 6x10 or even a floor model. And on the flip side if you don’t like letterpress then your out $900 bucks on something you don’t really enjoy. I think if you keep digging you will come across a much better buy, even 3x5s on ebay typically go for less than that, and I think Ebay prices are ridiculous. I have 2 really nice C&P floor model presses and didn’t even come close to paying what that seller is asking for that 3x5 on craigslist. I’m not trying to brag I am just saying better deals are out there, just takes some patience and a little research. I would post a want ad in the classifieds here on briarpress, that’s how I have purchased the majority of my equipment. Hope this helps and good luck in your search.

Thank you all. The item does come with all working parts and type - but I’m still not in the market to pay that much. I’ll keep my eyes peeled and try a want add on this site.

Thanks for your help!