letterpress Easy Bake Oven?

I’m thinking of buying a kelsey 5 x 8, which appears to be in good condition (minus rollers of course, per typical… trucks and 2 chases are with it, just not pictured below.) If you notice anything amiss with the press, please post! What I’m really curious about though, is what this other thing is… obviously it plugs in and has a temp setting but that’s about all I can figure out from the picture.

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Hmm… no photos.

Trying again…

image: kelsey 2.JPG

kelsey 2.JPG

image: kelsey 1.JPG

kelsey 1.JPG

image: letterpress mystery item.JPG

letterpress mystery item.JPG

A rubber stamp vulcanizer.


had one years ago
its for making rubber stamps

yours truly


It’s missing one gripper, no big deal/deal breaker. The easy bake oven/.vulcanizer is a good extra.

i have 2 of these rubber stamp presses and use them often, they will be hard on your type. for making stamps i use ludlow type.

You can still get the materials for making rubber stamps from companies such as Jackson Marking Products (www.rubber-stamp.com). They’ve got a video online describing the process (using a much fancier vulcanizer).

You can use photoengraved plates (as the Jackson video describes) or type for this process. As Dick notes, it will damage your type - so you would not want to use vintage type. You can, though, get brand new type from several type foundries (http://www.circuitousroot.com/artifice/letters/press/tools/type/typefoun... ) or, as Dick suggests, have slugs (lines) of type cast by your friendly local Ludlow or Linotype operator.

I do like the notion of a letterpress easy-bake oven :-)

David M.