Letterpress Workshop in Florence, Italy, June 16 - June 23

June 16 - June 23, 2012

Creative Letterpress in Florence, Italy
with Visiting Artist Amos P Kennedy Jr

Last Chance to Register:

FIRENZE ARTI VISIVE School of Fine Arts, the only international and innovative printmaking program in Florence Italy, this year is sponsoring a one week Creative Letterpress Poster Workshop held by the letterpress printer, papermaker and builder of artist’s books Amos Paul Kennedy Jr. The Letterpress program will consist of working in an exceptional print studio located in Florence, next to piazza Santa Croce, inside the Palace that was once the former home and studio of Renaissance artist Giorgio Vasari. The workshop includes class instruction, studio demonstrations, and group critiques.  With the city of Florence as a backdrop workshop participants will encounter some of the world’s greatest art and take in a city of subtle moods that has everything one can be looking for in a European city. The workshop will be serious but fun with ample time to visit libraries and museums, monuments, churches and take in all that Florence and Tucany has to offer.

Along with the lectures, demonstrations and studio work with Amos there will be One intensive week (with optional open studio second week) dedicated to Creative Letterpress Poster, creating new aesthetics with traditional languages fully immersed in a magical atmosphere. Students will work in the cradle of Italian culture, using metal and wood types, inks, manual and antique presses, sharing a unique and well-equipped print studio. A combination between traditional and contemporary methods will challenge students to create personal and innovative print artwork under the guide of Amos Paul Kennedy Jr. Through his passion for stirring up strong emotions and encouraging people to think in previously unexplored ways participants will free their creativity.

Integral to this workshop is the beauty of the city of Florence. As a group we have planned, after city and studio orientation, an excursion to S. Miniato al Monte and Piazzale Michelangelo standing atop one of the highest points in the city where it will be possible to admire the marvelous cityscape of Florence. Along with the workshop there will be some special activities and visits.

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