Box Car Base

Help! I’ve just purchased a 6 x 4 Adana letterpress and am looking to purchase a boxcar base (or suitable base) for it. I’ve tried contacting BoxCar Press, but after a few attempts, I still have no response from them.

Anyone have advice on where to buy a suitable base for my press? I am in Australia so this is especially tricky. Postage from the US seems to be very very expensive (same price as the base itself), so if there is somewhere in Australia I can buy a base that would be awesome.

Thanks for your help! Dying to get printing on my Adana!


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I agree. I tried e-mailing them last year to no avail, but they were very friendly and very helpful when I called them.

I emailed them back in the beginning of January, then just placed an order commenting in my questions. Then uploaded a file for a plate and placed a second order. A half hour or less after my initial order, I received a phone call with my answers, while I was on the phone they checked my file and gave me the green light. About three days later, they responded to my email.

Ever since, I have called them to get answers. They have been delightful to deal with ever since. I can’t imagine how inundated they must get with emails but I understand.