Challenge cutter not cutting properly

Hi all:

I recently acquired a challenge 19” cutter - style 193 I believe. The person I bought it from removed the blade for moving, and my husband and I have been awkwardly trying to get it operational again.

We have finally managed to get the blade bolted back in, but if we align sheets on the left side, the blade does not cut all the way through. It will on the right, but if I have a wide sheet this is not going to work.

When I tried the cutter out at the seller’s shop I noticed that the cutter made a nice “click” sound when a stack was cut, when the blade had made it all the way through the stack. Well, it doesnt do that now.

We have tried fiddling with the gib screws at the top of the blade housing, but it doesn’t seem to help. I’m not sure what we’re doing wrong but this is getting frustrating and the whole point of the cutter was to not take our paper to get cut elsewhere anymore.

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You should have the book for proper install. I have a different model it should be simular.
Pull your triggers let blade come down keep holding trigger in about 5 seconds cutter will turn off then [CUT MAIN POWER], loosen gibs remove blade or if you are not changing loosen and lift put one piece of paper all the way across, let blade sit on paper snug bolts just a little turn gib screws till they touch turn a little more paper will cut in half tighten blade. restart cutter blade will lift and test. Remember this is a one person job no helpers allowed. The bottom couple sheets never cut reel good.