shout out of appreciation!

Last Friday I went to see Alan Runfeldt at Excelsiorpress and he was so helpful to me as a “new to the game” letterpress printer. I appreciate him taking the time to teach me how to use the gage pins I purchased from him and teaching me the details of perforation and scoring on a press. He also cut some misfit furniture I had been given to standard sizes, making so much more useful. Alan is going to help me repair a press of mine that broke. I just wanted to recommend him as a wonderful resource.

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I just spoke with Alan today and plan to see him tomorrow. I regularly refer to him as my “Letterpress Yoda”.

he is about as old as Yoda, come to think about it, he is starting to look a little like Yoda.

While you are there, see if he has one of those new fangled pilot presses that the other Excelsior is making.

I’m absolutely certain he’s never seen one in person. In fact, I don’t know that there is one in person.

Alan has been a huge help to me on many different topics and occasions and is a fount of valuable information, especially for us beginners.

I wouldn’t be printing right now if it weren’t for Alan. What a great guy!