Binder - Bibliophile Library: Looking for a Good Home

Description of this collection is available in several forms; inspections, at your convenience: WebCam preferred; buyer/agent will either pick up or arrange for shipping & handling.
These twelve shelf-feet, hanging files, furniture, and tools comprise a reference foundation for both teaching and printing/binding endeavors.

Sewing frames, presses, burnishers & other hand-tools
Books, broadsides & posters, periodicals, catalogs, conference keep-sakes,and other ephemera:
Abbey, APHA, Book Arts Press, Designer Bookbinders, Dard Hunter Museum, Guild of Book Workers; .
from Arnold, Bloy, Blumenthal, Evers, and Hipsley, to Tanselle, Tedesco and Wroth
US $15.000; installment payments, over three tax years / Appalachian real estate trade will be considered for part of exchange.
My works and records, also, are available to institutional purchasers through negotiation of naming rights.

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