I am looking to find any information on my Favorite Damon & Peets, treadle driven, letterpress.

8” x 12”

what years were these made?

image: Favorite2.jpg


image: Favorite 4.jpg

Favorite 4.jpg

image: Favorite 3.jpg

Favorite 3.jpg

image: favorite1.jpg


image: Favorite 5.jpg

Favorite 5.jpg

image: Favorite 6.jpg

Favorite 6.jpg

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According to Ralph Green Damon & Peets made presses under that name from 1892 to 1900. From 1900 to 1908 they went by the name Geo. Damon & Sons.

Is there any way to identify what year my press was made?

Not that I know of, unless improvements were made and announced in a trade publication, like The Inland Printer.