Howard Personalizer 45 Manual

Hello, I was wondering if anyone might have an extra copy of this manual, or be willing to scan a few pages for me? I just bought a used machine that did not come with the manual and I need some help figuring out how to attach the foil. Thanks!

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yes, I saw that. They refuse to email me a pdf, even if I buy it. They want to charge $10 extra for shipping, and they won’t get it here until next week. I am a little frustrated with them, which is why I asked if anyone could just scan the pages I need.

sarah. could you post a picture of the machine, some of us young guys might be able to figure it out, or the older guys like Devil tail.

@sarahridgley: I took a photo of the single page that addresses foil feed from my catalogue. I posted it on my Flickr site so the image would be large enough for you to read.[email protected]/7001018437/in/photostream

Thanks so much!