Any interest in 14pt Bembo type?

We’re thinking of hiring the matrices for Monotype Bembo 270 14pt- would anyone be interested in some type if we were to hire them?

Drop us a line if it sounds like your sort of thing.

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Yes. English Monotype Bembo is a great, classic face and I would probably buy some amount, depending on my bank account at the moment. I take it you are casting from single English mats(?).

I think (without checking) that Bixler casts this face in English Monotype and certainly McKenzie and Harris has Bembo in family.

Thanks for trying to set this up.

Very glad to hear it; yes, all our equipment is English Monotype (though we’d probably be casting from 14pt composition matrices, if you’re interested).

We have a number of other sizes of Bembo available too but (if we end up getting the mats) we’ll only have the 14pt for a short time.