Adana HS2 - were there two versions?

Hi, we recenly bought an old HS/2 which following some advice from people on here we’ve now stripped and cleaned and is almost up and running.

I bought a second HS/2 which is in need of some TLC but I noticed the springs which anchor to the cast body of the press aren’t there, and even though the screws to anchor the other end of the springs are, there are no holes in the body.

Looking at the manual a picture shows another press with a spring anchoring from the platen back to the body near the handle - this new press does have those fittings.

Were there two versions of the HS/2 or have I ended up with something that’s half and half? the casting says No.2 HS on it, so I’m guessing it’s an earlier model?

I’ve attached a photo of the part in question, where the springs anchor on our first HS/2.


image: secondpress.jpg


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