apmub print says hi

hello briarpress community. since we had many physical and virtual changes, I re-invite you to visit our website at http://apmub.info.

I don’t want to command you but, shall I point you to the specific url http://apmub.info/photo-log
there you will find some pictures of the press workspace. hope you enjoy!

thank you for existing

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Hi to you, too, apmub print. I love how you bound the leftover test prints into a book. It turns them into something more than they are. :-)


thank you for your kind words barbara!
actually I love those goofy test prints and I’m addicted to them! I’m learning to print all by myself and in the beginning those were the results. today I can take a few nice prints even though the type I’m working with, is very old and clumsy… the press needs a rebuild too!
I love her anyway and she’s got a few friends now! gotta say them to say hello here at briar press forums.
cheers and type love from a drowning and heavily financially ill portugal.

there have been comments from Gennebra-also in Portugal she was looking at a press to covert back to treadle-just wondering of you two should meet up…….

yeah, we’re sharing the same space. soon i’ll post photos of the shops fused. :)

Obrigato for the intro :-)