Calling All 6x10 Kelsey Model X Owners!

I have been given a beautiful 6x10 Kelsey Model X to refurbish. Unfortunately he did not come with rollers, cores, trucks… Can anyone let me know dimensions of these critical pieces? Or let me know if I can use Kelsey 6x10 rollers that work with the hook method. If you have one you know the press uses saddles to hold the rollers in place rather than the hook/spring method, I have sent notes to Lou at Excelsior Press but have not heard back. The few roller companies I have spoken with have not done any Model X’s.

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The X was the last and lightest model, best printing too. A little narrower in the trucks. I designed my rollers to fit them all Look up my name on here or E-bay I have a few sets in stock. I also return all E-mails every night.

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I have a Kelsey 6x10 with saddles (I believe its’ a Model X). It’s not up and running at the moment, but I do have some spent rollers and the trucks that go with them. I could get you some measurements in a day or two. You want to know core diameter and length and the truck diameter and width? I might even have an extra set of spent rollers for it if you’re interested in them, though I’m pretty sure I don’t have an extra set of trucks.

I’d be a little surprised if the Kelsey 6x10 rollers weren’t interchangeable, but lots of folks would know more than me about that.

Have you contacted Ramco in Southern California about rollers? I imagine that’s where I’ll go when I get around to recovering those Kelsey rollers.

i have a kelsey 6x10 model X and the rollers i secured from N/A graphics work fine. give fritz a call. gerald jenny, the four dogs press

i got mine from eli evans on etsy