Cleaning WIndmill Sucker Bar prevented by nubs!

After banging my head wondering why the last run of 600gsm sheets wouldn’t stay on the bar long enough for the gripper to make a clean grab (which of course plays havoc with good register) I finally got the brilliant idea to take a heavy duty pipe cleaner to the suction heads. The white pipe cleaner came out brownish tan from decades of paperdust and aerated oil…
No wonder ;-)
So now, I’ll clean the heads when I clean the lint filters, doh.

I also thought I’d buy a ‘bottle brush’ (actually a refrigerator brush with light bristles) to get right down through the sucker bar (tube) itself. However, on my first attempt I realized that the nubs which keep the bar set into its bracket actually go right through the tube, preventing the brush from getting more than about 6 inches.

Before I start yanking on the these lilttle nubs with the VIseGrips, I thought I’d see what the cloud wisdom recommends?

Thanks, Cloud Gurus ;-)


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i just use an air hose and blow the sucker bar out.

twist a drill bit into each of the suckers, the flute of the drill bit will draw out any foreign matter, then as already mentioned try to blow out the bar

Thanks all. The pipe cleaner did a great job, in fact, not sure I’d want to run a drill bit in there, but I get the idea.

Air hose is clearly the next option, since all the suckers themselves also have a nub that goes right through the bar…

I expect it’s still pretty bad in the tube, considering the color of the pipe cleaners.

Next question…