Press auction: Full episode now online

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Cool show. I’d take a 1000 less for mine.

I watched thru to the end.

Was there anything special about the C&P that it fetched $6,000? (eg. It didn’t have its original treadle or a matching replacement treadle)


Nothing other than the custom treadle which is very smooth and has a bit of whip to it. George the blacksmith doesn’t come cheap but even that doesn’t account for the high price. I can’t speak for the buyer but she clearly has a plan and has parlayed the TV exposure of her acquisition into additional local attention for her print shop.
Since the auction, the press has been kept busy cranking out fun printed product for the Tulsa scene.

There are close up images here:
for some of the components we built.

The motor mount wasn’t seen on the program
but it makes a good model for one and the parts
can all be found in a hardware store.


Thanks Calvert. Restoring that rusty C&P in 1 week is quite an achievement.


You bet Thomas.

But I need to say—-I had enormous help from Team Inkknife
(list on the other discussion page).


My wife had to tell me to shut up about how much people were bidding, or she would make me watch The Good Wife with her. I hadn’t really considered the advertising value of paying $6,000 for a $1,000 press.

My wife makes me watch “Hoarders ~ Buried Alive”, and attempts to suggest that I may exhibit similar symptoms.
“Don’t even try it”….I exclaim.


Over the years, I have had numerous other letterpress printers stop by for a visit with their spouses in tow. After showing them around the basement and perhaps a side trip into the garage and the barn. The one common demonitator that I remember from most of these visits is that the printer will inevitably say something to the spouse about “See, there are others with way more stuff than I have.”

The kids and grandkids have also expressed a concern about what the heck they will ever do with all this ‘crap’ once I am gone. Hopefully not to worry. I do eventually intend to disperse my holdings to others who will enjoy the thrill of acquiring the little treasures that have come my way over the years. I could very easily make 50 letterpress printers.shops very very happy.

I have been in the right place at the right time way more than any individual has a right to expect. As much as I love all of this stuff, I realize that I am simply the temporary custodian and eventually all of this stuff needs to gets passed along to others.