Just bought my first press (Golding Pearl). In need of tips!

I just bought my first press, a beautiful Golding Pearl #3. I’ve been working on a Vandercook that belonged to an Art Center for the last 2 years. I first learned letterpress on a Peal, but I need a little refresher course. Does anyone know of a video online that has a good step by step?
Thanks in advance!

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What is it that you would like to know? The No. 3 is a easy press to run. The platen needs to be adjusted with the four bolts so the impression is even . It needs a good set of rollers and same size trucks if rubber and 1/8” larger if composition. The rollers need to be adjusted for the proper pressure on the form with a gauge by adding tape to rails or trucks. Make sure you add lubrication to the moving parts and you’re pretty much ready to print. I am not aware of a Pearl specific video, but, we have a forum with over 100 Pearl members that discuss restoration and other issues if you are interested.


Here is a blog with videos and photos of the proprietor working on his Pearl on various projects:


Just look around in the blog’s archives and you’ll find lots of gems. This gentleman completely restored a Pearl No. 3 and has done some exquisite work on it.

Thank you both! All good info!