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I am a first time user on this site and I am after some sound advice and information :)

I have fallen in love with the art of letterpress and was wondering if there is anyone out there who could point me in the right direction to learn this beautiful technique. I have searched the universities and Tafe courses but alas nothing can be found that will teach beginners.

I am after an introduction to letterpress… I really want to start at the very bottom and learn all that I can about the machinery used, the techniques available, the history and the art behind the letterpress before I jump into a cert 3 or cert 4 in digital art and printing. I feel like I am cheating on the basics and jumping straight into the design stage. This is not what I want to do!

For anyone who is willing to offer assistance and advice please know that I am located in Australia, Perth WA. I am all ears for good advice and if anyone has any tips, books or lecture video’s they would like to share I would be forever grateful!

Kind regards,

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Look for letterpress in Australia on Internet.


Hi Stacey,

On the LetPress mailing-list there is a very knowledgeable printer by the name of Geoff Moor who lives in Perth WA. Perhaps he could help you get started.


Hi Thomas,

Thank you for your advice :)

I have contacted Geoff Moor but have not received a reply as yet. I have been searching the universities and Tafe courses and they are offering a certificate 3 in Graphic arts and Printing. The course would teach me some of the things I am after but I feel that learning off someone who has been in the trade and taking a hands on approach would be more beneficial at this stage as I am completely green when it comes to printing and letterpress :) I need to start at the bottom and learn the ropes to be really confident with what I am learning.


Hi Stacey,
I’m currently in the UK but will be back home in W.A. around 11 June or so.
I’ve organised several letterpress introduction classes courtesy of Claire Bolton (Alembic Press) who comes to W.A. on a regular basis. We held the last one in March and am planning another around November when she comes back. I’m actually visiting her in Oxford on Saturday and will follow up with her then.
The workshop is a one-day affair that introduces people to type and its uses. It involves setting a couple of items and then printing them off - generally using a Poco Proof Press and a Golding Official.
I must have missed your email although I’ve been trying to keep up with them whilst away these past three weeks. Thanks Thomas for sending me a note about your listing on Briar Press.
Send me another email [email protected] and I’ll reply direct to you with phone numbers and so on. When I get back you are more that welcome to drop by and see what I’ve got at home and in the factory unit.
Geoff Moor

Hi Geoff,

Thank you for your reply. That is excellent news! Please definitely count me in on the workshops! That is exactly what I am looking for :)

Thomas, thank you so much for you advice and going out of your way to help! I certainly appreciate it!

Kindest regards,