Photopolyomer plate business cards

This will be my first project(s). I have 2 different business cards I will be printing on a Golding Pearl No.14. First question, should I set it up so I print on individual pre-cut cards or does it make more sense to set up the file with multiple cards to cut after printing? Both cards have an image (attached) that is reversed. I am ordering a 7x11 deep relief base from Boxcar Bases. If I set up the file with multiple cards, what is the maximum print area for good coverage and impression?
Any advice appreciated,

image: Untitled-2.jpg


image: Untitled-3.jpg


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You could probably print several cards (with trim marks) on a parent sheet and trim down later. However you don’t mention how many cards you’ll be printing—something to consider given the cost of the photopolymer plates versus the time it would take you to simply run more impressions from a single-card plate. You can assume about 67-75 cents per square inch for the polymer plates. Then assume 7-9 square inches for each card (or multiple version of the same card) that you have plated. So if you wanted to run 6 cards on one plate that would be somewhere in the neighborhood of 55 square inches x 70 cents = 38 dollars. It would save you over 80% of your time on the press, but it depends if this is a paid job or personal project.

Hope that makes sense.



Thanks Brad for your response and for doing the math, that really helped.