Kelsey 6x10 Model X Victor - Tabletop Platen Press

I have a Kelsey Model X 6x10 with a side-arm lever and feed board. I believe that it is technically a Victor, but it is the same as the Excelsior. It has the newer saddle style roller mounts (like the C&P Pilot), instead of the roller hooks. The press is in great shape, and good working order. It has like new composition rollers (probably from Tarheel). Rollers are in great shape, without any cracks or rips. I’ve kept the rollers stored off of the press, suspended in a box so as not to have any flat spots, when not in use. I think the press was repainted at some point before i got it, but there is almost no rust on any part of the press. The press is complete including chase and gripper bars, and I’m even throwing in the wooden stand.

The press is available for pick-up in the South Metro. I could meet or deliver within the Twin Cities.

I am asking $1,200.

Please let me know if you have questions. Thank you.

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image: DSCN1152.jpg


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