kimble motor

I am an electrician who has been called in to hot up an old Chandler . The motor is a Kimble Electric 240 volt ac motor, continuous duty, 1.5 hp and the name plate indicates it can run at either
900 or 1800 rpm. The motor pulls 10 amps.

There is also an ancient variable speed controller along with a drum switch. Both these devices are likewise manufactured by Kimble Electric (although both also show Cutler Hammer Motor Controls on the nameplate).

My main question is how to determine whether or not the motor has integral overload protection. I can save the client a couple of hundred bucks if it does, because I wont need a motor starter with overload protection.

My second question has to do with devising a circuit for the motor, speed control and drum controller.

I will attempt to attach a photo of the speed controller’s terminals


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Based upon my research, I believe that Kimble stopped making motors in the late 1940’s.

The later motors used a variable speed controller that you have. The earlier models used electro-mechanical controllers that were incorporated in the motor (brushes). They also had an external controller which was a Cutler-Hammer on/off switch with a mechanical controller that worked in conjunction with the internal motor controller that changed the motor’s brushes orientation.

I do not have access to the later model motor, but I am sure the older ones circa (1920’s) did not have overload protection in the fractional horse power versions. Perhaps the larger motors that they made for large cylinder presses did. The primary markets for Kimble motors were printing presses and other machinery such as lathes.

Not sure if any of this helps.

It helps a great deal. Thank you for responding. This motoris 1.5 HP. One might imagine it would have old protection. But i’d hate to assume it did and burn up the motor for want of ol protection

You are welcome.. I do hope it helps, as I love to see these motors put back in use.

I know you are a vendor so not sure how much research you are willing to do, but I am pretty sure the schematics for this controller have been posted here or somewhere else.

Another point…. Not an expert in this area, but in thinking about it, a 1.5 HP motor seems to be really big for a C&P. What is this press exactly?

Please see this post via one of our members on his blog site regarding motor HP vs. press size. I am sorry, as I should have latched on to this in my first post.

We can help you more by knowing if this is an Old Style or New Style press, platen dimensions, and the serial number.