How to pack the platen for dummies

I’m looking for a little help/advice on how to pack the platen for my presses, I have a sigwalt and a C&P.
I’ve read a few articles, and the two books I have, which have given me a lot of information, but guess I’m looking for more of a dummy proof list.
Here’s what to put first, second, how many sheets, etc. A ‘how to pack the platen for dummies” if you will.
I’ve read that you can substitue other papers for true packing papers but I’d like to learn the right way first.

Also, I’m starting out with lead type but will the packing be different for polymer plates?

Thank you in advance!

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i think everyone does it different. i like to start out with a sheet of pressboard, and 3 sheets of 20 lb bond. if you want a softer packing you put the 20 lb on top of the pressboard, for a harder packing the pressboard goes on top. of course all this goes on under your tympan. when you print small forms you might have to remove some packing, larger forms you might have to add a few sheets. Now to mess you up i run windmills commercially and i use fiberglass board (for foil stamping) taped to my platen with a sheet of 110 index taped over it for most of my printing, sometimes a use an offset blanket instead of packing. you need to find out what works for you, experiment a little. Can’t help you with polymer, i use mostly lead type.

As Dick has said, everyone does this different. I don’t think that there are any real right or wrong ways, just find what you are comfortable working with and does not damage your type or press. I normally use two sheets of tympan paper and one sheet of pressboard. As I need more impression I like to use coated text or cover (it’s slightly harder than bond), or maybe some 65# cover and 20lb bond. In ever so slight needs for just a touch more impression sometimes I’ll use a sheet of newsprint between the two tympan sheets.