Where to get blade sharpened?

I recently bought an old 26” c&p paper cutter, and I am needing to get the blade sharpened. I am located in Houston. I have read on here great places in California and Oregon to get this done, does anyone know of a closer resource? I am willing to ship it off if this is the best way to do it.

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i’d check locally for someone who sharpens knives, maybe the yellow pages on this site could help you, try asking a local printer.

There is probably a company in Houston that will come pick them up and sharpen them for you.

If not, you can send them to The Sharpening Center in LaPlace, LA. That’s where I send my knife, and they do an excellent job.

UPS time in transit from there to you is only one day.

192 West 5th Street LaPlace, LA 70068
(985) 651-7830