What parts are broken/missing on your tabletop press?

Just though I would start a discussion on broken or missing press parts to see what are the most common parts that are broken or missing from your tabletop press? What parts do you wish were more available for your studio? As for me, during dis-assembly I cracked a leg off the platen back on my 5 X 8 Kelsey Model U and am currently contemplating my options. If anyone has a spare (ya right!) let me know!! It is marked with 15B.

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I have an older model Kelsey 5x8 in my shop that is missing its ink disc. I’ve kept my ear to the ground for a while on that particular piece. No luck.

Seems like the ink disc, the chase, and the chase bed are the most frequently lost parts on Kelsey presses and that the roller arms, hooks,operation dog/pawl, and (again) ink disc are the most frequently damaged in my limited observation.

For Pilot style presses, most of the breaks I’ve seen or heard about have occurred on the yoke. It’s pretty easy to imagine how that happens.