Main-Stay Typefaces

I’ve keyword/advanced searched through the website for sets of the typefaces listed below and have come up with no hits. Do you have a set I can take off your hands? Come across one at your local flee market, antique shop, yard sale, etc.? Appreciate any help getting in contact with owners who are interested in parting with these typefaces:

1. Akizidenz-Grotesk (Basic Commercial)
2. Avenir
3. Bodoni
4. Caslon
5. Claredon
6. Franklin Gothic (ITC Franklin Gothic)
7. Frutger (Roissy)
8. Futura
9. Garamond (ITC Garamond)
10. Gill Sans
11. Gotham
12. Helvetica (Neue Haas Grotesk)
12. Univers

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