Cleaning the press after printing


I am trying to buy an Adana 8x5 press, which is not that easy since my budget is limited and most of the presses are located in the UK and won´t be shipped to Germany where I am located. Currently, I try to organize all the printing equipment so that I am ready when the press arrives.

Can anyone help me finding a cleansing agent to clean the press after printing. I am an absolute beginner but read that for example Boxcar recommends California wash. I searched the interent but could not find it in Germany. I am looking for something which is available in Germany and does not need to be imported from the UK or the US. Since I will be printing at home, I would prefer something organic without strong chemical smell. I decided to start with van Son Rubberbase Plus ink for printing.

Thanks a lot!

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Hallo Katharina, check out

Here you will find all you ever need to print, in Germany, efficient service and friendly helpful guys. They sell organic wash.

image: Picture 4.png

Picture 4.png

I use regular vegetable oil (some people use Cricso, or shortening)… you can get it at the grocery store. It’s very oily, but it cuts the ink really well. Do not pour on the press or rollers, rather pur a little into a tshirt rag and wipe down inky parts of press, using a new part of the rag with some fresh oil every few wipes. Degrease with a baby wipe.

Totally non-toxic and fume free!