Tracing the Albion’s past

Hi all.
I seem to remember someone telling me that there was once a list of Albion numbers available that would connect a press to its past/origin. I’m trying to find out when a particular Hopkinson Albion was sent to or arrived here in Australia.
All advice appreciated.

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you could try contacting H F Rochat in London, they may be able to indicate a year as they have serviced these presses for years……..

Hi There,
The numbers on Albions by Hopkinsons are the easiest probably to check. The Barrett Machines of the 1830s are all numbered in the 300s (ish).
Most Hopkinson machines are numbered and dated on the bar, chill wedge and piston. The smaller machines with a brass cap are numbered there also. However, when machines were re-supplied or refurbished some dealers back in the day ground the dates off.
Can you give me the number and I’ll see what I can do.
Jeremy Winkworth
Antique Machinery Removal.

Thankyou Jeremy.
Dated 1859 and numbered 3776 on the brass plate at the top of the piston
Hope this is the number you’re talking about.
Thanks again,

Hi Sheree,
It is. Sadly I am unaware of such a list unless the Hopkinson archives (if they exist!) rest at a public institution like the British Library or St. Brides.
Most presses will have passed through several hands and tracing their history is largely impossible.
I have moved, bought and sold many, many Albions and most owners are only aware of the press’ previous owner. Sometimes they came from a company that owned it for 100 years or more but those days have gone.
I’m sorry I can’t be more helpful.
Just a thought are there any records in Oz of imports that you could research, something as significant as a press would have to pass through customs?
Best wishes for your search,