Silver Ink Additive

Does anyone know if there’s a metallic powder for silver ink still for sale in the UK? I had some which I could add to gold but am after one for silver. I know silver ink is purchased ready mixed but still want the powder.


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I don’t know anybody in the UK, but you could try Lawrence, but I buy metallic powders from Duller in Amsterdam. They sell about ten different ‘colours’ of gold, silver and bronze powder. All are ground in the last remaining windmill, where they still grind pigments for paint.

I have just found a 100gram tin in a box never used of aluminium litho powder looks silver when I put it on a tissue, so perhaps would do the job, I am in UK, get in touch through Briar if you think it would be suitable, also I have some of the silver and gold dusting powder somewhere but I would have to find it, remember using this sort of dusting powder 50 years ago as an apprentice, health and safety would have a fit now.