Rare Pearl model (No. 2)

Hi all,

I have just recently purchased a rare Golding Pearl No. 2 and am looking for anyone with even the smallest tidbit of information. I have been communicating with Steve Saxe and we have exhausted what we have on it. To our knowledge, this is the only known example of this model. Mike Anton has also confirmed it was listed in an undated Golding equipment catalog believed to be from 1875, It was only made for a few years and never available with the treadle and base option like the more common No.1 and No.3. There is precious little information available online as well. Please excuse the cross posting to the usual sites but I am really interested in learning all I can. The press pictures of it in “as found” condition and then after a gentle restoration can be seen here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/ So, group, anyone have anything that could shed more light on this model?


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