Installing Motor

I am attempting to install the motor that came with my C&P 10x15.

Here are pictures below.


1) is it attached properly to the bed shaft?

2) what are the long flat bars that come out of the speed control and the motor. They look to me to be the same part, where do these attach?

3) Best way to wire the motor to the speed control? (other than to get an electrician?)

Thanks for your help!

image: IMG_0984.jpg


image: IMG_0985.jpg


image: IMG_0986.jpg


image: IMG_0987.jpg


image: IMG_0988.jpg


image: IMG_0989.jpg


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For one thing, It doesn’t look like your belt is lining up with the drive pulley. Loosen your motor mounts and move the motor out to line up the belt straight. If you don’t get it straight in line with the pulley you’re asking for bearing trouble later down the road. Another thing, don’t get the belt too tight. It doesn’t take a lot of tension. The flat bars are what connects to your speed control. You need to temporarily hook your motor to power, find the neutral point on the brush holder, (speed control) then connect the bars and control handle accordingly. You’d might be better off to have and electrician look at this.(Sorry for the errors. My eyes are bad today).