C&P 10 x 15 lower roller saddle installation

After a search and lots of help from Briar Press members, I got the lower saddles and springs for my C&P 10 x 15. And…
the saddles seem to extend longer towards the back of the press than the double saddle rods already installed. I can’t see how this could be a problem but does anyone else? Also, unlike the double, there is no horizontal rod to pull the right or left saddle out to install the bottom sroller. Should the lower saddle have one as well and it is missing on mine? Anyone have any tip how to draw those out when installing the roller? Thanks. Neil

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Neil, I have a 12 x 18 which is going to be a little different perhaps, so I can’t address the issue concerning the difference in length but if they work and they don’t hit anything I’d say you’re good to go.
Although the bottom saddle doesn’t have a horizontal helper rod to assist in lifting like the double one does, it can be lifted so you can get the core in under it..
What I do on the bottom roller is get it under the saddle on the left side first, at an angle, and then lower the roller down over the ink disk. That pulls the saddle up. Then the right saddle is pulled out by hand until you can get the core end under it.
It can be a little rough on the fingers pulling the saddle out but it’s not too too difficult on the 12 x 18, and is a lot easier on the 8 x 12, so I can only assume that a 10 x 15 is somewhere in between. You should be able to get it without too much trouble.
I recommend a thin coat of grease be kept on all of the roller core ends where they meet in the saddles as well.
Do you already have them installed?