Need help to see what these are called….wood spacers?

I am trying to sell my dad’s printing equipment and don’t know much about it. Hoping that someone can tell me what this cabinet full of wood sticks is called (spacers ?) and what it might be worth. I am also trying to sell a fully operational linotype machine, reid racks, mats, magazines and much more. Any help with pricing would be great. All items are located in Connecticut and are easy to move (in garage, no stairs). Please feel free to contact me at anytime at 203-610-2778 or [email protected]. I have posted photos of the cabinet and spacers and can send you photo’s of the linotype machine and other equipment. thank you in advance for any help you can offer.

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What are the fonts and sizes on the mats?

Shoot me an email. I’m in CT and can come take a look and address any questions you have.