Type of Potdevin machine to get for duplexing cardstock

Hello to all printers!!

I have some questions about Potdevin gluing machines. I get requests for duplexing stock all of the time for various projects.
I usually send them to other shops to have this work done. I would love to get one of these Potdevin machines but am wondering if it would be worth it. I noticed there are hot/cold and various types of machines. Which type would be the best to get for this process. Any help would be appreciated.


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You ask the wrong question. Figure out what he largest stock is you need to duplex and than look for a cold Potdevin machine to handle the size.

I duplex all the time and use a Tränklein cold gluer and Potdevin Rollerpress 42 inches

I just saw your post and I have a miniature pot devin that uses cold (white) glue for sale that can handle 8.5” x 11” sheets. It is an awesome little machine and I have used it for duplexing quite a bit. The cost is $800.00. The rule of thumb for cost on Potdevins is about $100.00 an inch. (roller length of Potdevin)

If you don’t need to run a 32” sheet why should you pay $3,200.00 or more?

2001fred Is the PotDevin you use a labeler? I can’t find one that is under 24” that isn’t labeled for labels… I too need to get a gluer and rotary press and want to keep my budget around $3k for both if possible. Any suggestions is greatly recommended.

2001fred, Do you use any type of rollerpress after duplexing paper with your potdevin gluer?

LucyPrint, I don’t know what a PotDevin labeler is? I use mine to duplex paper and make small book cases. It runs on cold/white glue and applies a flood coat of glue onto the sheet onto which you press another sheet to achieve your dulexed stock.

Kc, I then run my sheets thru a set of pressing rollers and then set the paper under weights until dry.
I think you could achieve close to the same result by hand smoothing the stock and then placing under weights.
thanks for your interest, Jd/Mpls

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