Fry Baskerville and King James Bible

Folio of loose sheets, folded to the size of the KJB page, all set in Fry Baskerville ATF or Dale Guild foundry types. A set of four pieces covering the critical text of the Christmas portion of Handel’s ‘Messiah’, history of English translations prior to the Authorized Version, description of Handel’s work in helping the children’s orphanage, and a broadside set by the Incline Press avertising the first concert, all encased by Campbell-Logan with paste down of 18th c. English wall paper. $180 plus shipping. Special No.1: add a one-page hand-set facsimile of KJB Genesis p.1 by Mike Anderson, $200. Special No.2: add a two-page hand-set fac. of Gen. p1-2 by Stan Nelson, $220. Printed on Crane paper at the Hill Press, January 2012.

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