Heidelberg Cylinder Grease

Anyone of you Heidelberg cylinder experts have a brand/part#/type recommendation for grease on a KSB?

The manual states good roller bearing grease. I assume that this was well before the synthetics that seem prevalent now.

We use Mobil Vactra Extra Heavy Oil for the central oil system and oil points, but have not really heard of anyone recommending a grease for grease points and gear racks.

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I would imagine any current grease labeled as suitable for wheel bearings or similar applications should be fine. Current greases intended for tight tolerances and high temperatures should surpass the standards of 50+ years ago. My current tub is “Quaker State Multipurpose Grease & Wheel Bearing Lubricant.”

Some advice I’ve read suggests it’s actually better to keep the main gear and rack oiled rather than greased, as plentiful amounts of oil can help work paper debris out to the side, rather than keeping gunk stuck in place as grease can do.

I do use grease for the roller journals (which house needle roller bearings) and a couple of other places where it is indicated, as well as for the variable pulley hubs on all the Heidelberg presses and the ball bearings on the windmill rollers.