Adana Lead Logos

Sorry, I’m not sure what else to call them.

Adana made type which had images on them, they were type high and had the Adana logo down the side. I know that they are collectable and I was wondering, what is their ‘official’ name that they would be called in the industry and how much do they go for?

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Hi Ironfire,
Their official title in early Adana catogues is ‘illustration types’.
They came in two sizes.
Price depends on the rarity but they make £2-£4 for the more common ones and a bit more for less common ones,
The common types are the footballer, horseracing, cricketer etc.
There were 2 people collecting the full set in the 1990s I’m not sure how far they got.
I think there are around 370 in total.
I have some I’d like to part with.

They are called illustration types and I have been collecting them for a number of years. I have about 150 but still over a hundred to go. If anybody has some they don’t want anymore, just drop me a line.