Stempel AG / Haas: current status of

Just wanted to share some news regarding »Schriftenservice D. Stempel« …
the company has been liquidated recently and even the old website is still online i’m asking you NOT to order anything via it. Rainer Gerstenberg, who has been casting type for D. Stempel since 1964, continues casting all available metal typefaces under the new name »Schriftgießerei Rainer Gerstenberg«. The new website is currently under
construction, but you can order all available typefaces (incl. Haas stamping type) here:

We’re currently adding Italian and French languages and more content soon.

If you recently ordered any metal typefaces via the old website and haven’t received any reply i’m asking you to please resend that order to the new EMail address found on the new website.

Questions/suggestions are welcome! If you do have any special inquiries in English language you can also forward them directly to me.

Best regards: Lars

ps: just in case you aren’t familiar with the available choices: Rainer Gerstenberg offers typefaces from Stempel AG, Haas, Nebiolo, Deberny & Peignot, Fonderie Olive and Berthold. Of
course all type can be cut to any type height!

image: IMG_6280.jpg


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Do you have any matrices for greek type ?

There should be some, yes. I’ll get back to you once i know what’s maybe in stock or can be casted.

Congratulations Lars,

The website is great. I really like list of types (showing the typefaces).

ps. I’m real happy that Stempel AG is continuing to cast types.


@Achilles: Heraklit is in stock (12pt), all others (Phaidon, Artemis and Attika) can be cast on request.
Contact me via EMail if you need any specimen or anything else.