Can a #3 Pearl be converted to a tabletop?

That’s it. Just wondered if that is possible. Thanks.

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Yes, with the right parts. The Pearls were originally designed as tabletops and evolved into having the option to be ordered as floor models. The Old Style Pearl No. 1 and 3 could be ordered three ways. As a tabletop, as a floor press(flywheel/treadle) using the wooden box it came in, or with the iron base with the drawers. The Old Style Pearl No. 2 only came as a tabletop. The Pearl No. 5 only came as a floor model with iron base. I am not aware of Golding ever selling the parts to do this however so you would actually need to get the necessary parts for the conversion from a tabletop version. The Improved Pearls (No.8,11,14) were designed as floor presses from the beginning.


Thank you, John. Sounds like it would be unlikely to find the right parts to make the conversion but thanks so much for the response.