What kind of type structure is this? What letterpress uses it?

I recently found sets of type at a junk store, for a specific kind of letterpress that I need help identifying. The type has a kind of “T” at the back and apparently can fit into slots on a cylinder or bed.

I’ve seen toy printing presses that have this design, with rubber type that fits into slots on a cylinder, but am having trouble finding out about this kind of letterpress machine. Please let me know what kind of letterpress this might be, and what search terms I should be using to learn more about it. Thank you!

M. Mouton

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Most likely type made to slip into the chanels on the cylinder of a multigraph press.


No answers just probing questions for the benefit of the detectives,??? brass, steel or lead composition? curved format to match a specific cylinder radius, (which would imply tapered shanks) or flat and parallel, to lock into secondary adaptor for flat bed or hand blocking heated stick, gold leaf etc. Possibly identify typeface, and refer to old(er) printers supplies catalogues. And maybe talk to a buddy with more modern litho machine, with inserted numbers (or letters) run as letterpress, in TANDEM, also examine numbering boxes with sinkable numbers, that format may well provide further clues to origin and use of said characters, (type)

There is one of these multigraph machines on ebay.uk at the moment, it has been listed many times before with no luck, it has nothing to do with me but if you want to have a look at what one looks like the item no. is 181028566174 .