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Has anyone purchased a letterpress from Adana Shop in the UK? I’m in the US and am planning on buying one from there in the next week and want to make sure I’m not making a bad choice by sending my money overseas.

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For your information, the Adana┬« name and logo are owned by Caslon in the UK. They sell refurbished presses and spare parts for Adanas. But strangely enough, there is an Englishman, based in France, who sells parts and refurbished presses under the name The Adana Shop. I don’t know how he can get away with that though. I had very good experience with Caslon, I bought an 8 x 5 and spare parts from them. All in perfect condition. Last weekend I was in Amsterdam and met a Belgian printer, who had 5 8 x 5 presses lined up, two were his own, the other three had been lent to him by Caslon.
My advice is, go to the Caslon site and deal with them.

I know the guy Stuart who runs the Adana place in France. I have had dealings with him and he is straight and honest.
I also know Tony who runs adanabits, he deals a lot on eBay and is also sound.

A little while ago I contacted Stuart in France, and He quoted me a better price for a set of rollers (admittedly with out bearers) and a set of adjuster bolts, for 2 different size Adanas, than I could find here in U.K. >>> And the bit about apparently trading under estabilished Company Banners, Logos, Names etc is not unique, some of our indigenous operators have been doing that for a long time???